Sustainable Design and Green Building Certification

Going Green is easier With US!

Welcome to QUAD Energy & Building Sciences, a Canadian consultancy offering expertise and management in sustainable green buildings, NET ZERO Building, LEED, and EDGE. We are pleased to offer our integrated services across the globe.

From new construction to existing buildings, if you have a sustainable building project, you need a sustainable building specialist. That’s us! We are your partner through planning, design, construction, certification and maintenance. Our mission is to promote sustainable building design and education for a sustainable future for the next generation. 

About Us

Quad Energy & Building Sciences is an industry leader in sustainable building design. Since 2014, Quad Energy & Building Sciences has been steadily guiding numerous clients, including corporations, and institutions in effectively and efficiently pursuing the path of sustainable development. Our team members have experience consulting on projects and training throughout the globe including in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India, and North America.  Our team has a combined experience on over 30 LEED-registered and certified commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings throughout the globe.

We express our commitment to:

Inspire people to design and build great buildings

Transform the marketplace with green infrastructure

Create opportunities for emerging technology, sustainable design, and construction innovation and

Contribute back to the community, our partners, and emerging green builders.

Our Vision is to accelerate the evolution of green buildings and sustainably planned sites for all market sectors. We share our recognized suite of sustainability tools with our partners and clients, while forming long-lasting, strategic partnerships to stand the test of time long after our projects are delivered.

Our solid aptitude and knowledge in cost-effective and energy-efficient design ensure the client’s objectives are always met through a holistic project. Through the planning, design, supervision, and management of significant private and public sector projects across North America and internationally, we are building a solid reputation for providing quality engineering services.

What We Do

Green Building certification

A certification is more than just a stamp of approval. It’s a forward step into innovative, integrative design. These certification evaluates how “green” a building is and applies a designation to a building to easily represent that analysis. Among all the green building certifications, LEED and EDGE are our most popular items. QUAD Energy & Building Services offers tailored services to best suit the size and complexity of you project. 

Building Energy Modeling

Building energy modeling is a computerized simulation of all the building systems such as construction materials, architectural design, HVAC, lighting, hot water etc.   Our energy team will analyze your design and recommend energy performance measures. We provide full energy model reports and documentation for green building certification and building retrofit. 

Training & Education

QUAD Energy & Building Sciences focuses on imparting high-quality green education and its specially designed green curriculum will help educate architects, engineers, designers and sustainability professionals on practical aspects of applied sustainability. One of our most widespread representations of sustainability is LEED Green Associate training.